Client Experience: Marcelo C. from Sweden

About two years ago, Marcelo C., a Chilean living in Sweden, bought his first apartment in Torrevieja with me. It was meant to be “something small” to start with in order to come from time to time and enjoy the mild climate in Torrevieja, especially in winter. Not only for himself, but also for his parent who were already retired and wanted to use the property more often and maybe spend several month a year here.

In June this year, Marecelo’s father come on to me to asked to sell the apartment quickly, because they had seen a neighbour’s flat that would suite them better, because it had one more bedroom and was slightly bigger in size. But they first wanted to sell their own apartment and then buy the neigbour’s. He aked me to find a buyer quickly so they could more on buying the new one, as they were spending longer periods of time here in Torrevieja, where they felt very comfortable now.

Their wish was my command! My team and I started to marketing the property throughout our network of real estate agents and about two months later we had found a buyer who loved Marcelo’s apartment. We then started the conveyancing process and prepared everything necessary for the completion of the sale at the Noatry’s office. Marcelo also asked us to thelp him with the purchase of the new apartment, so he could relax and stay back in Sweden while everything was taken care of my team and me. First he thought about leaven a Power of Attorney to his parents but then he decided to come down personally to be present at the signing of the Title Deeds (Escritura).

Marcelo arrived last Wednesday evening to Torrevieja and on Thursday morning we were already at the Noatry’s to complete the sale of his apartment, by signing the Escritura, handing over the keys and receiving the money as a banker’s draft. On Friday we were all back again at the Notary’s signing the Escritura for the purchase of his new apartment. Both signings went smoothly and problem free and on Saturday morning at 6am a happy and satisfied Marcelo took his return flight back to Sweden.

His parents stayed here in Torrevieja and are enjoying now the new home just as they wished about three months ago.

Thank you Marcelo for trusting in me and my team at the initial purchase, the sale and the new purchase.