Hello, my name is Ulrich Brack.

I am welcoming you from the Costa Blanca, the sunny Mediterranean Coast in Spain.

Here I live and work since the mid 1990. I help and advise people during the purchase and sale of their home in Spain.

Originally I came to here because of my Spanish wife, but I stayed because of the fantastic climate, the hospitality of the people and Mediterranean lifestyle.

What I most enjoy on my job are the people I meet and get to know. Every purchaser, every home seller and every house has it own history, and that is what it makes it so interesting.

“Maybe you also have the dream of owning you own home in Southern Spain? Whether it is for family holidays, for retirement or just a purely investment, here on the Costa Blanca you definitely find what you are looking for!”

Or do you want to sell you house again, and if possible with a profit? You can join one of my “Seminars for the Private Home Seller”, which I hold regularly around Torrevieja and where I explain all the important points to consider when selling a property in Spain.

“I can not sell every house, but I can sell yours!”

Whatever you might need, I will always be here to help and advise you!

Me and my team, we guide you from start to finish, from the first contact, through the conveyancing process until the exchange of keys at the notary’s office.

As a state qualified and registered Spanish Real Estate Agent I can offer you any warranty and security for the purchase and sale of your home.

And as former president of the Official Association of Real Estate Agents in the Vega Baja Area, I am well known and integrated and have good relationships with many real estate agents, locally, nationally and internationally.

The Costa Blanca is always on top of the list for many property buyers.

Have I piqued your interest? Then I am ready when you are!

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